Nominated for the German Future Prize (Deutscher Zukunftspreis)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Birger Kollmeier, Prof. Dr. Volker Hohmann (University of Oldenburg, "Hearing4all" cluster of excellence) and Dr. Torsten Niederdränk (Siemens AG) and their team were nominated for the 2012 German Future Prize, the German President's Award for Technology and Innovation, on 12th September.

The prize honours the team's outstanding research in the field of hearing aids.

The researchers have created the technological basis for innovative hearing aids, whereby two hearing aids are coupled in both ears, and adjusted to the individual's hearing impairment. An innovative diagnostic method and mathematical algorithms now also make it possible to specifically compensate for hearing impairments in patients. This will help people with impaired hearing to hear better in acoustically "difficult" environments in future – for example in rooms which echo, where lots of people are talking at once, or where there is a lot of background noise.